Pro Brow Tweezer Set
Pro Brow Tweezer Set

Pro Brow Tweezer Set

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Details: This collection of tweezers will assist with molding, shaping, defining, and maintaining unruly brows. Each tweezer has a different tip to meet all brow needs. Professional grade, stainless steel.

Set of 4.  
Includes protective leather case. 

How to use:

  • Each tweezer is designed for removing different types of brow hair depending on the hair follicle. 

The Set Contains: Slanted Tweezer - Perfect for tidying up stray hairs on larger areas. Straight Tweezer - Perfect for removing finer brow hairs.
Slanted Point Tweezer - A multi-purpose tweezer for tidying and grooming your arches. Pointed Tweezer - A precision tweezer ideal for ingrown hairs and removing splinters.

Dimensions: 3.74 inches



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