Lash Castor Oil

Lash Castor Oil

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Details: A cold-pressed, organic castor oil packed with vitamins and nutrients to promote growth. This fatty acid and mineral rich formula aids in correcting dryness, damage and split ends. Can also be used for hair, skin as well. Oil based, vegan, cruelty and gluten free. 

How to use: 

For brows: using a mascara applicator, dip into the bottle or drop a 1-4 droplets onto the wand. Gently apply throughout the hair in the direction of growth.  Avoid contact with eyes and apply only at night time.

For lashes: use a mascara applicator and apply 1-4 drops onto the wand before gently sweeping through the lashes from the base. May apply up to 2 times a day during the day and night.