Hydrating Pro Lash Lift Kit
Hydrating Pro Lash Lift Kit
Hydrating Pro Lash Lift Kit

Hydrating Pro Lash Lift Kit

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Lash Lift: Semi-Permanent curl for your natural lashes that lasts up to 8 weeks 
  • New Airless pump helps you save your product. Once opened, it can stay fresh for 45 days due to the unique bottle design that stops air from entering and oxidation..
  • Professional lash lift: The formula enhances the quality of natural lashes and lifts them into a graceful curve. Detailed graphic instruction and complete tools in the box make procedure very easy. Suitable for salon work, lash lift training or personal use.
  • Fast 5-8 minutes lash lift kit: Make sure your lashes are fully covered with lotions for best results. Fast working within a short time, makes the lash lifting easy and effective.
  • Economical: Dispenses the perfect amount of lifting lotion for every client. 1 set is available for 10-15 clients, saves you money and time. 
  • Safe ingredients- suitable for home or professional use. Odour-free lotion, water-based material, and soft silicone pads make it easy to apply and remove, especially good for training or lash lift salons.


For professional use only