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Super Strength Lash Extension Adhesive

Cream de la Cream lash extension adhesive contains 0 LATEX and 0 FORMALDEHYDE This professional, Super Bond fast drying adhesive (10mL) is latex free. The speed with which it dries reduces waste and prevents glue from drying out quickly. Bottle design allows for only 0.03ml drops of glue at a time. Works for all humidity.

Drying times:

#1 Dries in under 2 sec

#16 Dries in under 1.5 sec

#7 Dries in under 0.5 sec (Best for volume and mega volume)

How to use:

  • Shake bottle well, best mixed with the adhesive mixer (found in the extensions down tab). Unscrew lid gently and tip when twisting.
  • Tilt bottle slightly and one 0.03 ml of the adhesive droplet will come out for less waste.
  • Wipe the bottle with an adhesive wipe before screwing lid back on.

Adhesive Storage:

  • Refrigerate upon receiving to stabilize the ingredients 
  • Must be stored in a cool dry place 
  • Must be stored in the fridge after open and if not being used
  • Remove 20 minutes before use

Ingredients: Ethyl cyanoacrylate, methyl 2-cyanoacrylate




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