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Brow Fixx Soft Cover Gel

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Details: Get ready to unveil the ultimate secret to perfectly shaped brows, darlings! Introducing Brow Fixx, the holy grail of smudge-proof colour lasting 12 hours. Say goodbye to unruly brows and hello to brow magic that instantly fills and tints, giving you those lusciously full-looking arches.

How to use:

  1. Grab that wand: Pull out the Brow Fixx wand from its sleek tube, and give it a quick stroke against the rim to remove any excess product. We want just the right amount for those flawless brows.

  2. Feather-light strokes: With a feather-light touch, glide the Brow Fixx across the surface of your brows using a single stroke. This gentle application technique creates a softer, more natural look that will last all day.

  3. Dare to define: Need a little more oomph? Go ahead and add slightly more pressure to your application for a more defined and dramatic effect. Customize it to your liking and let those brows steal the show!

Pro tips:

  • Soften the look: Want a softer touch? No problem! Simply wipe off any excess product from the wand for a more subtle and natural finish. Embrace the softness and let your brows enchant with their effortless charm.

  • Perfect the edges: Attention to detail is everything, my dears. Use your trusty pinky finger or a handy Q-tip to clean up and refine the edges of your brows. This little touch-up will add that extra polish to brows that look like the brow gods themselves sculpted them.

So, there you have the fabulous secrets to achieving brow perfection with Brow Fixx. Embrace the power of this long-lasting, smudge-proof wonder and let your brows take center stage with confidence and sass. Get ready to slay those brow goals, my lovelies!

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brow makeup pretty little secrets toronto

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