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lash artist tool pretty little secrets beauty


Quality Artist Supplies & Tools


Classic And Volume Lash Artist Starter Kit

$650.00   $540.00

Lash Adhesive Mixer


Super Strength Lash Extension Adhesive

$96.00   $75.00

Lash Glue Adhesive Cleaning Wipes


Gentle Lash Extension Remover


Lashing Undereye Pads


Lash Extensions Mixed And Individual Trays


Lash Tile


Volume Lash Artist Tweezer


Pro Lash Artist Tweezers


Disposable Microfiber Sticks


Soap Brow Mascara Wand Refills


Disposable Mascara Wands


Lash Tape


Undereye Lash Tape

$12.00   $7.00

Brow Scissors

$6.00   $2.00

Lash Lift Lift Comb


Silicone Lash Lift Pad Kit


Pro Lash Lift Kit

$88.00   $65.00

Lash Lift Glue


Mini Plastic Wrap

brow lamination kit pretty little secrets beauty Toronto

Brow Lamination Kit

From  $75.00

Soap Brows

mask with breathable valve pretty little secrets beauty

Mask With Valve


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