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Long before our founder was known for her talent in the lash and brow industry, she loved music, beauty products and especially strip lashes. 

  One of her first experiences with wearing false lashes was for her 8th grade graduation. She went to the local drug store, bought a pair, not realizing there was more than one kind. She then attempted to glue the strip lash on without any success. That's how Pretty Little Secrets Beauty was born.

Pretty Little Secrets Beauty was designed as a beauty hub for all those who love all things lashes and brows. From affordable strip lashes, and innovative lash adhesive pens to the best brow products that help mold, tame and grow brows. 

Pretty Little Secrets Beauty's products are easy to use while enhancing your natural lashes and brows. 



A few words Owner and Founder:

“Eyelashes and eyebrows are the first thing someone sees and they should always look polished. We live in a world now where with a mask on all you see are our eyes. To me, the lashes and brows should always be naturally enhanced.

I want everyone to smile with their eyes."

XOX Dianne


The Studio


278 Jane Pretty little secrets Toronto 


Pretty Little Secrets is an award-winning Canadian business, being recognized as Toronto's Top Choice Lash Bar 2022 & 2021, Prestige Canadian Salon of the Year 2020, Ontario's Best Brow Bar 2019, to name a few.


To visit us at the studio please email us at or book online.

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