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Accelerate your skills from home

Yes! We’re offering ONLINE lash training!


The Pretty Little Secrets Lash Master Class is just the beginning of your career as a Beauty Boss. This course is designed to teach you all required techniques and guide you to success in the industry! You will learn the fundamentals of application, styling and how to effectively utilize these skills to create your client’s desired look.



The flexibility and income are an attractive aspect of this career for those who are contemplating entering the lash industry. With your new-found knowledge, you will be able to establish and secure long lasting clientele, ensuring a flexible and impressive income.

Why Us?


Pretty Little Secrets Lash & Brow Bar and Pretty Little Secrets Beauty, has mastered the art of brow correction and lash application.  

Our experts and beauty professionals are there to ensure you receive the attention you need in order to gain the skills of a confident lash artist. 

Quality Craftsmanship

What's included

This Master Class brings you one step closer to achieving your career goals!

This is an extensive ONLINE training course in which we will guide students and provide them all the necessary tools to successfully master the highest quality application abilities and outstanding customer service skills.

Lash Starter Kit:

  • Stainless steel tweezer
  • Lint free eye pads
  • Lash adhesive
  • Silk lash tray of each curl type
  • Disposable mascara wands
  • Micro swabs
  • Surgical clear tape
  • Jade stone and protective stickers
  • Cream remover/gel remover


What you'll learn 

  • Tweezers, tools, and products
  • Lash cycles/ Anatomy of eyes
  • Description of sets
  • Health and safety
  • Client consultation
  • Different lash styles
  • Unique eye shape guidelines
  • General length guidelines
  • General curl guidelines
  • Application
  • Cleaning
  • Priming
  • Taping
  • Isolation
  • Pick up
  • Coating with adhesive
  • Attachment
  • Attachment of the extensions to curve lashes
  • Touch up
  • Aftercare
  • Removal
  • Lash stylist posture and health tips 
  • FAQs for difficult situations



Students who choose this course upgrade will receive the following training in addition to subjects covered in the lash artist course:

  • Pick up and fanning techniques for volume lashing
  • Proper coating with lash adhesive for classic and volume lashing
  • Proper attachment and adhering for classic and volume lashing
  • Additional touch up pro tips for longer lasting lash application



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