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Details: Major lash eyelash growth serum, could effectively help lashes grow longer, thicker, and fuller. Contains an eyelash growth factor which activates hair roots in a sleeping state. A variety of plant nutrients provide deep nourishment, making lashes thick, flexible and full.
Serum can also repair damaged lashes. 

How to Use Lashes:

  • Apply to the skin closest to the lashes, not the lashes themselves.
  • The eyelash growth serum is used daily in the morning and evening before bedtime.
  • The eye should be completely clean of any make-up or eye creams.
  • Apply the serum from the inner corner of the eye outwards, directly on the base of the eyelashes.

How to Use Brows:

  • Apply a thin layer once or twice a day over the desired growth area.
  • Results may vary and the application has to be daily for at least 6-8 weeks.
  • Then apply all over once you see growth in those areas with no growth before.


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