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Brow Fixx Light Coverage Gel

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DetailsThe ultimate secret to naturally shaped brows. Brow Fixx is smudge-proof color that lasts over 12 hours. This brow gel instantly fills and tints for fuller looking brows.

How to use:

  • Pull the Brow Fixx wand from the tube and stroke it against the rim of the container to get rid of any excess product. 
  • With a light hand apply the Brow Fixx with a single stroke across the surface of the brow. This gives you a softer, natural long-lasting brow look.
  • For a more defined look add slightly more pressure to your application.
Pro tip: Wipe excess for a softer look. Use your pinky finger or a Q-tip to clean the edges for a more polished look.

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brow makeup pretty little secrets toronto

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