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Clear Band Fox Eye False Lashes

Everything you'll need to make your desired lash look a reality!

Details: Reusable and natural looking faux lashes. Made from satin fibers for comfort and all day wear. These lashes are vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

How to use: 

  • Remove the lashes gently with the strip lash tweezers from outer corner to inner.
  • Apply eyeliner glue or lash glue along the faux lash rim (the band) for best application.
  • Tip- Make sure to apply a little more glue on the inner and outer corner. Then wait 3-5 sec for the glue to become tacky before using tweezers and index fingers to gently press lashes onto the lash line.
  • Secure applied lashes by pressing down to secure strip on the skin
  • Tug the outer corner to ensure max hold. Go over lash line area one more time with eyeliner or eyeliner glue for a natural look.

How to remove: 

  • Take a gentle eye cleanser (available in the healthy lash drop down) and using a lint free stick to run cleanser along the lash line.
  • Focus on the outside corner first.
  • Start removing by gently pulling on the strip lash. If you feel any resistance  then apply more oil cleanser on a q-tip and repeat the process.
  • Double cleanse your face at the end of each wear ensuring residue around the lash and eye area is removed. 

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