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2021 Summer Brow Trends

2021 Summer Brow Trends

This summer it's all about BROWS!

Top 5 summer brow trends for 2021
Say goodbye to skinny brows and hello to fuller fluffier brows

5. Feathered Brows

feathered brows
This trend has taken the internet by storm with many celebrities recreating their version of feather brows.
Create this look by using a fine tip brow product like a brow pencil or brow pen and drawing hair like lines to mimic the appearance of a fuller, fluffy, natural looking brow. 

4. Brow Extensions

brow extensions
Now you might be wondering what Brow Extensions are. Similar to eyelash extensions, brow extensions are synthetic hairs applied to the your natural brows using medical graded adhesive to achieve a natural fuller looking brow.

3. Brow Lightening

lightening brows

Brow lightening can soften your facial features and give off a more subtle brow look. Brow lightening is a process used to lighten your brow hairs a few shades lighter then your natural brows. It lifts your natural colour a few shades lighter and is not as harsh as brow bleaching.

 2. 4D EyeBrow Tattoo Sticker

brow tattoo

This product is for people with little to no natural brow hairs. The 4D eyebrow tattoo sticker instantly create the look of a perfectly shaped and filled brows without having to use any makeup.

1. Soap Brow 

soap brows


This trend is a great alternative to microblading or brow lamination.  Soap brow helps you create a fuller more polished look with your brows without any commitment. 
It uses soap formulated for your brows to hold your brow hair in place.

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