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The Secret to Perfectly Groomed Brows

The Secret to Perfectly Groomed Brows

If you've been longing for fuller, well-groomed eyebrows, then brow lamination might just be the answer to your beauty prayers. This innovative treatment has taken the beauty industry by storm, offering a semi-permanent solution for achieving flawless brows. Call us at 416-962-2313 to reserve a spot!


Can Ombre Powdered Brows Look Natural?

Can Ombre Powdered Brows Look Natural?

The Art of Natura Beauty

Ombre Powdered Brows, the revolutionary semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, has taken the beauty industry by storm, promising impeccably shaped and defined brows. But does it truly deliver a natural-looking result? The answer lies within the skilled hands of our Ombre Powdered Brow experts at Pretty Little Secrets Beauty, who have mastered the delicate balance of technique and artistry.

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Are Semi-Permanent Brows Worth It?

Semi-permanent brows are natural, defined, timeless and balances a client's face. It's a method that's tailored to your distinctive facial shape.
With every semi-permanent procedure, a consultation is required before the actual application. During this consultation the stylist will have a conversation with you, in which you will talk about your preferred style, pigment choices and overall preference. The stylist will then measure the designated facial features 
and using standard makeup, draw a mockup of what you will be getting 
from the actual application. 
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The Soap Brow Look Taking Over 2021

It's a super easy "brow hack." 
Remember the 1990's pencil-thin overplucked brows? Those days are gone. Now, you can use soap to achieve new bold brows. Celebrity makeup artists have called "soap brows" the best brow styling product.
2021 Summer Brow Trends

2021 Summer Brow Trends

Top 5 summer brow trends for 2021 Say goodbye to skinny brows and hello to fuller fluffie brows!
Top 5 Best Brow Rescue

Top 5 Best Brow Rescue

Top 5 Best Brow Rescue Rated By Toronto's Top Brow Bar Pretty Little Secrets
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Brow Henna Or Reflectocil?

Brow henna over brow tint? What would you do?

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