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Top 5 Best Brow Rescue

Top 5 Best Brow Rescue



As someone that's been in the brow industry for over 20 years it's really easy to say brow trends definitely come and go. 2021 brow trends are going to be influenced by our time in lockdown this past year. Natural brows are "IN".

This season you're going to see more fluffy brows with people using services such as brow lamination to achieve a fuller, thicker, natural brow look.

5. Brow Lamination

Hollywood’s current beauty trend – fluff up your brows and create the ultimate polished look, last up to 37 days. 
brow lamination kit

4. Brow Correction with Tinting

Get the shape and style of your dreams. Say goodbye to makeup! Wake up with perfect brows. 
brow correction with tinting

3. Brow Henna

Henna lasts longer than tinting because it stains the skin, where tinting only covers the brow hair. Henna usually last up to 18 days.
brow henna

2. Ombre Powdered Semi-Permanent Brows

Ombre Powder effect is a technique during which a needle is used to shade in the eyebrows in order to achieve the powdered makeup look. The eyebrows are lighter at the front and gradually become darker towards the tail. 
ombre powdered brows


1. Combination Microblading and Ombre Brows

Combination uses microblading & shading or machine shading to create more filled in eyebrows while still maintaining a natural look.
 combonation brows
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