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The Soap Brow Look Taking Over 2021

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Soap Brows by Pretty Little Secrets Beauty
What is Soap Brows? It's a super easy "brow hack." 
Remember the 1990's pencil-thin overplucked brows? Those days are gone. Now, you can use soap to achieve new bold brows. Celebrity makeup artists have called "soap brows" the best brow styling product.
Beauty influencers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube have plastered "soap brows" makeup tutorials all over their sites. Soap brows refer to a specific eyebrow grooming method. You're actually using bar soap instead of brow gel because bar soap is thicker than gels and gives that stronger hold. 
Spray setting mist on a bar of soap, use a spoolie brush, run it against the damp soap and brush eyebrows upwards in the desired direction. Eyebrows will look fuller, fluffier, more groomed and each hair stays in place all day.
Not just any soap will work. Soaps with glycerin have a relatively low PH and prevents irritation, which is something you need in a product you're putting on your face. PLS Beauty has a Sleek Brow Starter Kit that is specially formulated to be used directly on eyebrows. 
Soap brows: super easy, takes little time and effort. 
Soap Brows by Pretty Little Secrets
Hollywood’s Newest Brow Trend.
Have you ever wondered how celebrities always appear to have perfect brows? Their secret according to celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta is Soap Brows. Soap Brows is 2021's latest brow product. Just like the name, Soap Brows is soap that is made for your brows. Soap Brows help you achieve a fuller, more polished looking brow. The trick to using soap brow to create a fuller shape is by using the product to push up your brow hairs.
Check out our video tutorial:

How to use Soap Brows:
  1. Use with setting spray and a brow spoolie
  2. Apply 1-2 sprays of setting mist on to the soap
  3. Run the spoolie against the damp soap
  4. Apply soap in a upward motion
  5. Let soap brow set and dry
  6. Use a brow pencil or pen to create hair strokes in your brows

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