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Lash Lift vs. Keratin Lash Lift

Lash Lift vs. Keratin Lash Lift
Summer is officially here!
Ditch your MASCARA routine for a low maintenance, fresh and natural look.
At Pretty Little Secrets we offer two non-invasive lash enhancement procedures that will have your lashes looking flawless all summer long.

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(Before and after Lash lift without tinting at Pretty Little Secrets located at 278 Jane Street Toronto, ON)


What is a Lash lift? 

The Lash lift is a semi-permanent curl for your natural lashes that lasts up to 4 weeks or longer depending on the growth cycle of your lashes. 

What is a Keratin lash lift?

The Keratin is a semi-permanent curl which includes a hydrating, strengthening Vitamin E oil and coconut oil treatment, lasting up to 6-9 weeks.

The process for both lash lift procedures:

  1. First you will receive a consultation to learn about the various types of curls available depending on your desired lash results for your specific eye shape.

  2. Your lash tech then applies a cooling gel pad under your eyes to secure your bottom lashes.

  3. A silicone pad with a slight curve is then applied with a special water-based adhesive to the top eyelid. The curve of the pad determines the curl for your lashes. 

  4. We then use the lash comb to lift the lashes up onto the pad. Then the technician will comb your lashes upwards thoroughly to ensure perfect separation for each lash.

  5. The first solution opens the hair follicles allowing the lashes to take the shape of the curve of the pad. The second solution closes the hair follicles to lock in the shape.

  6. The final step is to tint your new lashes. This step is optional if you prefer a more natural lash look.

keratin lash lift pretty little secrets

(Before and after Keratin Lash Lift with tinting at Pretty Little Secrets located at 278 Jane Street Toronto, ON)

Lash lift vs. Keratin lash lift:

Both the Keratin Lash Lift and the regular Lash lift are a semi-permanent procedure using your natural lashes. The difference between the two is that the regular lift takes approximately 1 hour and last 3-4 weeks.

The Keratin lash lift  takes approximately 40 minutes and lasts up to 9 weeks. The Keratin lash lift procedure also includes a Vitamin E hydrating serum and a coconut oil conditioning treatment to help keep your lashes strong and healthy. 

Both procedures are great for sensitive eyes and low maintenance for anyone looking to give their lashes a eyepopping lash lift!

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